, it took a while…

So this update is nothing really special on the surface. Some new content, some bugfixes and some overall optimization. It took me a while though for various reasons. The first one being time. Making games as a hobby is a lot fun, but also consumes a lot of spare time. And with limited free time in the past couple months with most of it of being consumed by playing games, it was hard getting anything done.

The second one was the brilliant plan to try and convert the game to Game Maker 2. Now Game Maker 2 seems pretty rad in most aspects and I will definitely make a game with it, but porting Forever Loot proved to be a difficult task. The import function works alright and produces a playable game, but for example the new background system is too different from the one in Game Maker: Studio for a simple port. Plus it creates a lot of conversion scripts to make the functions from GM:S work in GM2 which at least doesn't look 'clean' on paper. So I tried to rebuild the entire game from scratch in GM2, but the that was so painfully slow I decided to stick with GM:S in the end.

Hopefully I'll some more time in the future to push updates quicker, but we'll see. So... what's actually new in

  • Added a new melee enemy for the demon level. This one will spawn after one demon level is completed.
  • Added lightning effects to the Driller’s death animation.
  • Reworked the Hand of Death legendary so it doesn’t target invulnerable targets anymore.
  • Fixed some small menu bugs.
  • Some performance optimizations.

The enemy called the Phase Shifter can evade your shots by fading away. This way this enemy can sneak up on you, but at a lower movement speed when faded. The rest are optimizations and bugfixes. The game doesn't run well on lower end hardware, but it's getting better with each update it seems.


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Oct 05, 2017

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